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About Where It Goes

Ever wonder what happens to something when you let it out? This is the first LJ project to experiment such things. This community has been created, then let go. Now, it's time to see where it goes!


Do you remember hearing that you can't make up the rules of a game as you go along? In this community, that notion is thrown out. The ettiquette of the game is different here than when you were a child. Rules are in fact made up as we go along. Keep in mind that the maintainer will try to discuss all future rules, however, she is a mean, evil dictator on a powertrip, so she has final say in all community matters (*dun*dun*dun*...).

Anyway, onward as follows:

Section A:
Advertising. Promoting. (What have you.)
You can do it. However, there is a catch; a promo of any sort from you can only occur on the page ONCE (this equals once every 20 community posts) and you MUST REMAIN IN THE COMMUNITY FOR AS LONG AS YOUR PROMO APPEARS ON THE FIRST PAGE. If you leave, your promo will be deleted.

Section B:
Ahh, there is none as of now...

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This community is currently an only child. If you'd like to change that, contact the maintainer.